Monday, March 2, 2009

Daycare Training in NYS

I recently wrote two articles regarding resources that I found and made use of at the NYS Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS).
The first article details the EIP grants, which pays for college courses, conferences, and even distance training courses, depending on the applicant's income.
The second article is base on a news release by OCFS on February 24, in which they offered a free online Mandated Reporter Training; Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse and Maltreatment. I participated in this course myself. It was a two-hour interactive video training course, which had a quiz at the end. I took the course over three days, and didn't score as highly as I would have liked; I believe I got two questions wrong. However, the video was interesting, and held my attention easily, and at the end, presented several real scenarios that encouraged thinking through real-life daycare situations that commonly present themselves.
It is definitely worth checking into!

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