Thursday, March 12, 2009

Signs of Life on the Examiner

I wrote an article about potty training for the Examiner, and actually got some response! I know that I am getting hits there, because my pay rate is increasing more quickly at the Examiner than it is on eHow, not that I am complaining about eHow, because my rate of pay tripled there last month. IF I could keep that up, I'll make $1000/month before June!
Back to the examiner....a lady asked me why people used to be able to potty train their kids sooner in the old days than they can now. I don't have a clue...I did research, got statistics, reported them, and added personal experience and opinion. There is no way of even knowing if what she reported was true, but it was exciting to get a spark of opinion, and it was even added to by a exciting!
I've heard that if you want some action, you need to write something controversial, it just never occurred to me that potty training was controversial. Go figure!

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