Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baby Wearing

I had the opportunity to meet and talk with a lovely lady that I met on e-How,e-How writer Jennifer Remeika “havanargila” . She was writing an article about baby wearing, and it was such a great idea (our Wal-Mart purchased sling was a life-saver, both as a mom and a daycare provider), and her article had such great pictures with it that I was dying to use them, and she was gracious enough to grant me the permission to use her for my own means. I wrote an article about baby wearing for daycare providers, and posted it on the Examiner, and got more hits on the slide show of her pictures than I have ever had on any other article, ever! She is going to write several more articles about baby wearing, and describes how to make your own baby slings out of bed sheets, and I can't wait to interview her again!

Daycare Brush Fire

Photo:Leader Trojan
There was a brush fire at a daycare this week, and thankfully, everyone got out okay. As usual, it reminds me to remind everyone within shouting distance to brush up on your evacuation plans (pun intended!), and remember to plan for a second safe place, off-site, so that if your safe place is compromised by fire, flood, storm, etc, you already have an emergency plan, and somewhere safe to take your daycare children.
I wrote an article elaborating a little for the Examiner, and included links to photos of the brush fire from the Leader Herald, the reporting newspaper.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Sanitizing Info Released

NYS Office of Family and Children's Services has released new information about sanitizing for daycares. The new recipe for sanitizing toys that have been mouthed and cleaning food surfaces (like tables, counter tops and high chair trays) contain less bleach than the previous recommendation. Check out my new article!