Monday, March 23, 2009

Four Die in Hamilton County Fire

After hearing of the tragic death of four Sunmount Consumers in a group home about 1/2 mi from our home, we have been thinking and talking a lot about fires. This seems like a great time to remind ourselves and each other to practice fire drills, change smoke detector batteries, and if possible, make sure that you install a hardwired fire alarm system so that when the first alarm goes off, they all go off at once, giving you more time to get out of your house alive. Photo: Leader Herald/Kayleigh Karutis
I wrote an article about it for the Examiner, and I think that it is something that you just can't repeat enough!


  1. What a tragedy. Hopefully some good will come of this as it raises awareness for others to be better prepared.

  2. Good advice we all need to practice fire safety. Don't forget your co2 detectors. Just as important.