Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Successful Home Daycare Article a Big Hit!

I'm building up residual income by writing on eHow. I write about everything I know, and research to fill the gaps that are missing. Last month, I wrote an article about How to Run a Successful Home Daycare, and it is by far my biggest money maker. I can't say that I'm really surprised, because I am new to eHow, and really had no expectations. I get paid far more per click than any of the other articles; I have articles with hundreds and hundreds more hits that have paid a lot less. I am still researching residual income, and how to increase it. My goal is $1000 per month, and I'm not even close yet.
I found an expert, WriterGig, and started following her on eHow, and then began following her blog, and eventually saved up the money to buy her e-book, "How to Earn Passive Income on eHow. I am devouring it. It has new ideas about keyword searches, and other tools that I had not heard of before.
She is making $1000 per month on eHow, as well as additional income from other sites, and she shares her know-how about it. I subscribed to everything I could on her website, and even got invited to listen to a pod-cast, which was a first for me!


  1. I think you should write an e-book on this!

  2. i wish i could figure out this ehow thing! i know the article you wrote! i think one key is to get a featured article b/c every member gets it emailed to them, right? then they all click on it to see how great it is. but how do you get to be a featured article writer? i've made like 40 cents on ehow but am still going ... doing recipes, how to make money at home, funnies like how i do laundry, etc. i am dying to find out your secrets when you find more out!