Monday, January 25, 2010

New year, new goals

With the new year here, and the budget tighter than ever, I have expanded my horizons. Beginning tomorrow, I will train to be a temporary supervisor for the US Census Bureau, and am looking forward to having some extra cash in my checking account. In addition, I am still writing for the Examiner, who has, as of yesterday, started a new incentive program, which will be paying even more money. Money excites me!
If you are interested in writing for the Examiner, PLEASE feel free to use the link I have included, as the Examiner will pay me $50 for each referral I make. Don't hesitate to email me with questions! I write at least three articles a week, and write more when I want to. The articles that are controversial get the most hits, and pay the most money.
To write for the Examiner for YOUR city, start by going to this link and then go and watch this video. My referral info, which you would put on the line of the application that asks you who referred you (the one that pays me!Ü) is: Trina Darling, ID Code 4039.

I also, as of today, changed my "hat" so that I am now the Albany Family Examiner, and will be able to expand the topics that I am able to write about. Besides daycare, I am also passionate about foster care, adoption, special needs children, special needs adoptions, and always the dreamer, it would be fun to write about family vacations as well!
I am still making the most money on eHow, but with the new incentive program at the Examiner, and my hits quadrupling in the past month, I expect that the Examiner will quickly become my largest paycheck.

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